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Water Testing.

Pooltest 9 Premier

The new Pooltest 9 Premier builds on the phenomenal success of its predecessor, offering even more great features. The Pooltest 9 Premier is quick and easy to use and is fully integrated with the Palintest tablet test reagents.
  • USB port for PC connection interface (no additional software required)
  • Iron LR Test
  • 100 test results stored on-board with time and date
  • Palintest and Langelier Indices available
  • Software upgrade

Pooltest 6

Regular testing of pool water is essential for effective disinfection and pH control. The new Palintest Pooltest 6 offers the ideal answer a 6 parameter instrument which is quick, accurate and reliable.

  • Tests for Alkalinity, Bromine, Chlorine, pH, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid
  • Robust, Waterproof, IP 67 Rating
  • Easy to use (4 intuitive buttons)
  • Extended Range Chlorine (0.01 - 10.0 mg/l) version available.
  • Narrow band wavelength filters, enhanced performance
  • Language Free, Universal symbol set
  • Large backlit Graphics Display Screen
  • Longer cell pathlength, greater resolution at low concentrations
The meter has automatic blank recognition and zero setting, 10 readings can be held in the instrument memory.

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