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Water Level Control.

Levolor Water Level Controllers - [ view technical data sheet ]

Levolor Electronic Water Levelers are water fill sensing devices that can be used in all aquatic environments, new or existing. Levelor Model K-1100 detects low water conditions and automatically replaces the water to a pre-set level and can be used in any situation where a consistent water level is required. Levelor Model K-2000 detects low and high water conditions and automatically adjusts to maintain the desired water level. Both systems include the wall mounted mount controller that is factory wired for 220 volt but field adjustable for 110 volt service and sensor assembly with sensor wire. Available with or without the 1" plastic 24-VAC solenoid valve that will regulate flow up to 30 gpm.

ELC-800 Water Level Controller - [ view technical data sheet ]

The model ELC-800 Electronic Level Control is an automated control system designed to maintain precise water levels for swimming pool applications, particularly for commercial or municipal swimming pools, spas or water parks. Unlike other systems, which use floats or other moving parts, or introduce an electrical current into the water, the ELC-800 utilizes a proximity switch, which detects the level of water in the pool within a fraction of an inch accuracy. It has an integral time delay sequence to avoid cycling due to wave action and has an adjustable feed alarm timer which interrupts water flow in the event of a problem. The ELC-800 has several different sensing configurations and in most cases can be easily retrofitted to an existing pool or spa. The ELC-800 comes complete with a one year manufacturer's warranty on parts and factory service.

CLA VAL 124-01 - 624-01 - [ view technical data sheet ]

the Cla-Val 124-01/624-01 is an automatic valve designed to open wide when liquid level reaches a predetermined low point and to shut drip tight when a predetermined high point is reached. It is a hydraulically operated, pilot controlled valve. The Pilot Valve is actuated by a float ball to limit the high and low liquid levels in the tank or reservoir by closing or opening the main valve. High and low liquid levels are adjustable. the float control can be remotely located only if the flowing line pressure at the valve inlet (in psi) is equal to or greater than the elevation (in feet) from the main valve to the float pilot control.