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Variable Frequency Drives

Eco-Flow - C

Eco-Flow - C is a VFD system specifically designed for commercial pools and water features. Pumps ranging from 1 to 1500 HP can benefit from the Eco-Flow - C's many unique features.

Traditional methods of flow control are via control valves installed on the discharge side of the pump. Pumps are frequently over-sized and deliver too much flow when run wide-open and at full-speed. Using a flow control valve to partially dead head the pump not only wastes energy, but can often reduce the pump's life.

With Eco-Flow - C, Flow Control Valves can be set to their fully open position and the pump's speed adjusted to meet the flow requirements mandated by State Code. Alternatively, the system can be configured to maintain a "constant-flow rate". This so-called PID control will maintain the required flow rate, even as the filter starts to become dirty and where flow would normally decrease.

Adjusting the pump's speed to the exact flow rate required will:
  • Significantly reduce consumed electrical energy.
  • Reduce equipment wear.
  • Reduce operating noise.
  • Ensure state-mandated turnover rates are met.
Technical Data:

There exists a growing tendency within the pool industry to wrongly describe the NEMA rating of a VFD.

It is very common for the pool equipment room to comprise harmful chemical gases such as chlorine. These gases are known to have an adverse effect on electronic equipment and have been witnessed to cause corrosion even on stainless steel. Exposed circuit boards and components will be damaged when subjected to these chemicals. Even if the circuit boards are conformal coated, there remains the customers non coated wiring coming into and out of the drive, that will corrode.

Certain manufacturers are describing their VFDs as being rated as NEMA 12 whereas in reality, they are simply taking their NEMA 1 VFD and housing it in a NEMA 12 enclosure which they then have to ventilate using fans and louver kits. Despite certain manufacturers describing these enclosures as being Vented NEMA 12 there is no such rating under NEMA standards. In venting the NEMA 12 (or NEMA 4), enclosure, it has, by default, now become a NEMA 1.

Note, you cannot house a NEMA 1 VFD in a totally enclosed NEMA 12 or 4 enclosure without ventilation. A VFD is 97% efficient which means that 3% of the fully rated power is being converted to heat. A 10 HP VFD running at full load, will emit 223 watts of heat, you cannot generate this amount of heat inside a non ventilated panel. The only way to have a true NEMA 12 VFD is to arrange it so that the electronics are housed within a fully sealed enclosure and the VFDs heatsink is open to atmosphere.

Regrettably, it will be the consumer who pays for the VFD failing due to chemical exposure.

Eco-Flow - E

Eco-Flow - E combines functionality, quality, and reliability to provide the user with an unparalleled VFD experience. Fully configured for the pool & spa industry, Eco-Flow-E offers an array of unique features to ensure complete optimization of pool pumps while also maintaining ease of operation and user-friendliness.

Designed for 3-phase centrifugal pool pumps up to 40HP, and single-phase supplied pumps up to 15HP, Eco-Flow-E Aquatic Variable Frequency Drives are capable of handling the vast majority of recreational water applications. For larger horsepower applications, H2flow offers its premium Eco-Flow-C Aquatic Drive.

Eco-Flow Aquatic Variable Frequency Drives are backed by our combined 100-plus years of experience with monitoring and controlling pumps. H2flow is the only manufacturer in the pool industry that is totally dedicated to this technology.

What makes Eco-Flow-E Different? VFD's are designed for a vast array of applications. It just so happens that aside from its very harsh environment, the commercial pool room is one of the more simple applications for VFD's to be used on. However, no VFD manufacturer currently produces a product that is 'specific' to this application. There are, therefore, literally hundreds of parameters that the end customer will need to understand when setting up the product.

Eco-Flow-E changes all of that! Eco-Flow-E uses a unique Aquatic Controller that allows customers who have never even seen a VFD to get up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Key Features
  • Rugged NEMA 12 Construction
  • Aquatic Controller with Modbus Communication
  • Two Programmable Speeds - optimize efficiency based on pool occupancy
  • Constant Flow - maintains DEQ required flow rates
  • Programmable backwash for Manual and Automatic Systems
  • Interface to Building Management System for monitoring and control
  • VFD Power Loss Protection
Technical Data: