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Ozone Systems.

Genesis CD 2G/5G/7G, 15/25, 45 - [ view company brochure ]

Applications: Commercial On-Premise Laundries (OPL); small pools, fountains, and spray pads; commercial pools.

Description: Fully integrated wall mount ozone systems designed for installation into new or pre-existing commercial laundry or aquatics operations without equipment modification. Systems generate 2 to 7 grams of ozone per hour with on-board oxygen concentrators, and all operate under vacuum for safety and include integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System. Features also include:
  • Oxygen gas flow meter
  • Automatic feed-gas flow control
  • Automated control contacts
  • Ozone generator isolation during shut-down
  • Powder coated 16 gauge steel enclosure designed to NEMA-3R specs
  • UL and NSF listed

Genesis Series HECD 65/130 - [ view company brochure ]

Applications: Mid-sized aquatic venues (commercial pools, water parks, zoos and aquariums)

Description: Floor-mounted HECD 65/130 provide 65 or 130 grams/hour of ozone using low-maintenance 1.6kHz cold cathode gas-filled corona discharge ozone cells.
  • Integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System
  • PLC to monitor ozone generator, oxygen, temperature and other user-controlled variables
  • Digitally controlled variable output
  • Oxygen flow meter
  • Complete ozone isolation during shut-down
  • Automatic feed-gas flow control to maintain operational set points
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure designed to NEMA-3R specifications
  • Fault protection for door open, feed gas pressure failure, vacuum loss, overheating, water backflow, current overdraw, and over-pressurizing of oxygen concentrator
  • UL and NSF listed

CPS 8015 / 8025 Commercial Aquatic Sanitation System

Application: Commercial Aquatic Venues.

Description: Skid-mount self-contained ozone generation system needing minimum space and minimal modification for existing equipment. This fully assembled recirculation ozone system produces 15 or 25 grams/hour of ozone. Low maintenance 240 V system operates under vacuum for safety and performance.
  • Integrated DEL Ozone Safety Management System
  • Ozone degas system and thermal/catalytic ozone destruct
  • Integrated on-board oxygen concentrator
  • Self-diagnostic switching
  • Oxygen gas flow meter
  • Complete ozone generator isolation during shut-down
  • Automatic feed-gas flow control
  • Dry contacts for remote ambient ozone monitor shut-down and user interlock
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure designed to NEMA-3R specs
  • Fault protection for door open; feed gas pressure failure; vacuum loss; high vacuum; overheating; water backflow; current overdraw; over pressurized oxygen concentrator
  • UL and NSF listed

MPI-300 Multi-Point Intervention Ozone Spray Sanitation System - [ view company brochure ]

Application: Hard surface sanitation for Food Processing and Wineries. May be used in aquatic and health club facilities for surface sanitation; commercial aquarium surfaces, holding areas, or infirmaries; or direct food contact sanitation.

Description: A low pressure, ozone enriched cold water surface sanitizer, NSF listed. The system is encased in a stainless steel NEMA-4X enclosure, portable or wall mount versions, with 25 flexible hose and wand capable of producing 3.3 gallons per minute of water enriched to 2 ppm ozone (approximate equivalent to 400 ppm chlorine) with a nozzle pressure of 10 PSI.
  • CD ozone generator includes high voltage stainless steel electrode, ceramic dielectric, and corrosion resistant housing
  • Integrated oxygen concentrator fed by onboard air compressor
  • Operates under vacuum for safety, effectiveness and ease of operation
  • Integrated ozone management system
  • DEL mobile systems are OSHA compliant
  • 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 7.0 A