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Filter Systems.

Paddock Regenerator Filter

Paddock Regenerative Filter is an automated, stainless steel (best material for longevity) filtration system that operates at an incredible savings compared to industry standard filter systems. This regenerative filter uses either Perlite or Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), which provides the best available technology for optimal particulate removal to 1 Mircron.

This Regenerative filter has been on market over 45 years, seeing most challenges with early development of product and is most reliable and best designed unit on market to date.

Paddock Compak Sand Filter

Paddock's proven Compak model Vacuum Sand Filter is unique to the industry in design and performance, combining highest quality filtration with unmatched efficiency in operation. The practical benefits of the Compak are many, from its exceptionally long filter runs and significant water and chemical savings, to its easily accessible interior for service. The most striking advantage Compak offers over conventional pressure filters besides water quality is that it is virtually hidden from view - square stainless steel tank houses the pump, piping, fittings, valves, underdrain system, and media - leaving open, usable space above.

Paddock Stainless Steel Horizontal Filters

Paddock's stainless steel horizontal pressure sand lters are designed to save on space and cost without comprising performance, durability, or ease of operation. Each tank is NSF listed and manufactured from Type 316L stainless steel, a material which is specially fashioned to offer superior protection against corrosion in chloride environments. The result is a product that is virtually indestructible and perfectly suited to commercial swimming applications, insuring many years of reliable service.

Dual Cell features two filtration cells in a single tank; backwash one cell at a time. This will reduce backwash rate by 50% and reduce size of backwash waste line.

Standard Features
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Non-corrosive internals
  • All models are NSF listed
  • 36" to 96" diameters
  • Four to twelve lengths
  • Dual cell
  • ASME code and labeled lters
  • Automatic control
  • Features and Specs

    USFilter Backwash Valve - [ view company brochure ]

    The Backwash Valve is a diaphragm type, hydraulically activated, two-way, three port valve. The backwash valve allows a “hands off” approach to backwashing the filter system. During the filter cycle, the valve directs water flow from the circulation pump to the influent manifold in the filter. Upon backwash activation, the diaphragm in the valve is hydraulically moved to reverse the flow of water from filter influent to tank effluent.

    USFilter National Line Hair & Lint Strainer - [ view company brochure ]

    USFilter National NSS-Series strainers are available in nine basic influent/ effluent designs ranging from 2” to 14” with reducing configurations also available. The strainers are constructed of food grade corrosion resistant FRP, PVC and Stainless Steel materials with working pressures up to 30 psi and vacuum service up to 20” of mercury. A proprietary interlocking design between the strainer body and lid provides manual opening as well as hand tightened sealing up to 45 psi. The strainer body comes complete with FRP and PVC vanstone influent/ effluent flange connections, clear viewing window, hinged lid fastening hardware and drain/ vent plugs

    Through the use of a proprietary vertically pleated corrosion resistant non-welded strainer basket, the strainer produces 0-psi head loss when operating at designed flow rates. The strainer basket consist of food grade FRP end caps, 16-gauge stainless steel straining elements with 1/8” perforated holes and stainless steel connecting rods. All strainers have a minimum of a 4 to 1 open area ratio of the strainer basket to influent flanged connection, which results in longer strainer operation without excessive cleaning. Removal of the strainer basket is simplified through a proprietary design allowing for drainage of water, while maintaining strained debris retention, during lifting of the basket. All strainer baskets are self aligning during installation and come with a molded flow-indicating arrow to insure proper flow direction.
    • Available in 9 basic designs from 2" to 14"
    • Corrosion resistant FRP, PVC and Stainless Steel Materials
    • Clear Viewing window

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